Lavender Aroma Fire Bundle


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Lost craft of understated elegance. 

FTGS Lavender Aroma Fire Bundles are gift wrapped in a burlap bag and contain 10 bundles of dried lavender that are perfect to add aroma to your fire, campfire or add flavour to your favourite BBQ recipe. 

The dried stalks contain the same essential oils found in the buds, adding a subtle fragrance that is released when lit. To use on the BBQ, soak the bundles in water for 5 min, and place them on your outdoor grill. As they burn, the smoky scent will infuse flavour into your food.

Made with: lavender, burlap.

Maker's story:

I met Catherine from FTGS, on Instagram back in 2018 and was immediately taken by her passion and sense of understated elegance. Life took her in different directions but all the roads seemed to have led this amazing lady to her later vision which resulted in an amazing lavender farm, created from scratch. You say "lavender" and you have my attention but Catherine's handmade products occupy a special place in my heart. They add a warm touch of elegance to any home. Well, they feel like home ...