Prairie Willow

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the softest, gentlest touch. unscented.

The purest soap we have to offer. Free from any added scent and color. A gentle and simple wash. Infused with Calendula Oil for skin needing the softest touch. Our best choice for newborns and those with sensitive skin.

Aroma: unscented
Texture: botanicals
Approx. 5 oz. / 150 gr.

Maker's story:

Joseph Henry 1895 is a brand and a family business with love for storytelling and adventure that encouraged the creation of all-natural soap line for adventurous souls. Where washing up for many is merely an act of habit, we take it as a matter of pride. We carry high-quality, handcrafted soaps for men and women alike. Rugged enough to allow any modern adventurer to take on the wild.