In 1895 selling his few worldly possessions, Joseph travels steerage across the ocean from the Baltics to the shores of South Africa. He continues his journey covering over 1000 miles of wild and rugged terrain with a friend, horse, compass, pistol and dreams of a better life in a new land. He walks into Bulawayo, Rhodesia, just months before the second Matabele war, where he later sets up an outpost. 
Joseph and his son Henry – a boxer, a mining engineer and a Hurricane fighter pilot during WW2 are the original adventurers of "Joseph Henry 1895".

"Joseph Henry 1895" is a continuation of a family tradition of supplying nomads and adventurers with high quality handcrafted goods. 

It is a journey of passion for heritage and craftsmanship.

 It is a lifestyle of dream making. 



"I loved how unique these soaps are. The descriptions are just perfect. It really takes you to a better place! Orders ship quickly, soaps come in neat little packages perfect for gifts always with a couple of samples, which I will be sure to order next time."

                   - Thorsten -


Rugged Man Soap Bar -"I love my soap. I'm a mechanic and I find your soap able to get my skin clean without leaving any residue on it and without leaving me smelling of an overly perfumed or synthetic smell."

                    - Unknown -


Bushfire Soap Bar - "The scent of this soap reminds me of relaxing at the cabin with the wood burning stove cracking in the corner. Although initially strong, the scent dissipates following my shower and is not overwhelming on my now clean skin. As a man, would you rather smell like spring in Ireland or a campfire in the Rockies?" 

                      - Kevin -

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