Joseph Henry 1895

Everyday mindful and simple apothecary goods inspired by nature, traditional craftsmanship and family heritage.  

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I've always checked out the scent of soaps hoping to find something that really appeals to me but being disappointed by the boring options. Not only do I love the scent but the texture from the ground coffee adds to the experience. I have not stopped smelling soaps over the last two years but nothing even comes close to the Gunpower soap.


Not only is the quality of JH1895 soap superior to others that we've tried, but the customer service has been exceptional. There's nothing like starting or finishing your day by using one of their soaps!


I have to say, this soap caught me off guard. The quality is obvious, the lather is rich and don’t get me started on the captivating scent! It is a rich, earthy, romantic and rustic aroma. Unique and delightful, I feel like I found a life long brand.


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