Joseph henry 1895. Handcrafted soap and candles.

Joseph Henry 1895

Everyday mindful and simple apothecary goods inspired by nature, traditional craftsmanship and family heritage.  

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Our All-Natural Soap


Handmade to Perfection

Each bar is hand cut and hand stamped with our logo. Before it is packaged, soap is left to age to create milder, harder and more luxurious product for your skin. 

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"Great product of excellent quality. The soap is a work of art. When someone works with passion it shows."

- Charles Brazeau

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Whether you need to celebrate or take a moment to slow down, do it with the warm glow of our candles.  Made with locally sourced Canadian beeswax, our candles are hand crafted using traditional methods and are naturally colored.

We deliver in Red Deer, AB.