North Wind Stories

The chill to look forward to...

Wintry peppermint of North Wind soap.

North Wind is back in stock. We just had a photo shoot with this beautiful soap and wanted to share some highlights and announce our North Wind GIVEAWAY. Please follow us on Instagram @josephhenry1895 for further details.

Soap maker. Canada. Joseph Henry 1895.

Peppermint soap. Calgary, Canada. North Wind. Peppermint soap made in Albert's. Natural peppermint soap. Canada.

North Wind

They say north wind makes a man. This brisk peppermint wash with nourishing tallow will help even the most hardened souls brave the elements and stand their ground. Packed with nourishing beef tallow. Crafted to cleanse thoroughly without drying or irritating skin. Scented with Peppermint essential oil. 

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