Our New Mountain Jumper Backpack.

When we started Joseph Henry 1895 we were inspired by family stories and old, used, worn and loved pieces that can always be found in one's home, being passed from one generation to another, intrinsically connecting people to the past. 

We knew than that we will work with waxed canvas and leather to create vintage inspired items that, may be, one day become such heirlooms of the future. 

Handcrafting with simple beauty and longevity in mind, we use best possible waxed canvas, vegetable-tanned leather, solid brass hardware and copper rivets. 

We hope that you will love our creations and the way they acquire character and evolve collecting stories of the person who owns it and the roads they travel. 

With this introduction, we are happy to add to our growing selection of canvas goods and introduce you to Mountain Jumper Backpack.



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