Neighbourhood United.

Well, winter break's over, kids are back to school and we finally got a chance to check out a couple of hot coffee spots that recently opened up in Central Alberta.

As many other busy parents and makers we depend on coffee to bring some sanity to our hectic existence.

Having noticed lately our increasing tendency to too many coffee breaks, fallen productivity and infectious cabin fever, we decided it was time to get out of the house and finally tick those new coffee shops off our bucket list.

First we headed to Lacombe.

Good Neighbour Coffee greeted us with a combination of casual charm and irresistible smiles of Dave and Shannon.

Joseph Henry 1895/Coffee Shop

As we chatted away it became clear how much they pride themselves with ability to provide personalized coffee experience, "according to your taste buds", as Rick Abma, the founder of Good Neighbour Coffee put it. But even more so, they are proud of this coffee house directly supporting Honduras coffee farmers and the community of more than 250 people by paying them a fair price for coffee beans that are later locally roasted here, in Lacombe.


Coffee was great, Pumpkin Cake - scrumptious and our belief in supporting communities stronger than ever.

Good Neighbour is a quintessential example of a Coffee House bringing together folks from the neighbourhood and beyond.

Support communities by sharing a cup of coffee "with a taste of justice". 




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