Sweet Capone's Italian Bakery & Cannoli Shop

It's Saturday folks. It snowed all night here and for those who love winter and outdoors this is probably the last chance to enjoy the flurries before major spring meltdown. For those whose hearts sank at the sight we are continuing our series on Building Communities and local coffee shops reviews.

Let us take you back to Lacombe, Alberta and introduce you to yet another great spot to stay in. We are heading to Sweet Capone's Italian Bakery & Cannoli Shop.

Fueled by family's dreams and traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation it opened its  door in July of 2016.

 Sweet Capone's Coffee Shop 





We immediately got taken by its décor, dark haired Carmen fixing us with a cup of dark and Panzarotti followed by Toasted Cannoli. 

Joseph Henry 1895/Coffee Shop

Listening to gregarious manager Molly fondly sharing the coffee shop's story we couldn't but smile at the thought of Sweet Capone's being to Italian heritage what Tom Shelby is to Peaky Blinders. And though Capone's was full: friends catching up during lunch time, mamas getting a much needed coffee break while their kids loosened up on a long wooden bench, dapper looking guys getting coffees to go; we were still waiting for something more to complete the character of the place.

Sweet Capone's Italian Coffee Shop, Lacombe















 Maybe a familiar rustic voice from a tucked away corner quietly uttering: "La famiglia e tutto". 

Joseph Henry 1895/Coffee shop

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